‘Friendship and Mudassar’: NFT sells viral Pakistani meme on internet for 52,000
‘Friendship and Mudassar’: NFT sells viral Pakistani meme on internet for 52,000

‘Friendship and Mudassar’: NFT sells viral Pakistani meme on internet for 52,000


‘Friendship and Mudassar’ is one of the many funny memes created by Pakistanis that went viral on the internet.

But now it has become the first NFT in Pakistan to be sold for thousands of dollars. NFT refers to non-flammable tokens.

This is a special kind of digital certificate that testifies to who is the real owner of a funny meme, photo, video or other type of online content.

Six years ago, Muhammad Asif Raza, a government employee in Gujranwala, set it up on his Facebook page when he said, “His friend Mudassar is now selfish.” After this meme, while his friendship with Mudassar was restored, he gained worldwide fame on the internet.

In 2015, Pakistani Facebook user Muhammad Asif Raza wrote in a post in Gujranwala that ‘Friendship and Mudassar.

Now Salman is my best friend (my friendship with Mudassar is over. Now Salman is my best friend). But the funny thing was that he used the photo of himself shaking hands with Salman with the help of Photoshop.

While Mudassar had a cross on two pictures. This apparently meant that he no longer had anything to do with Mudassar.

This minor joke went so viral that 47,000 people reacted to it, 56,000 people shared it and 27,000 people posted their comments on Facebook.

Mohammad Asif also gained international fame with this meme in which users on YouTube and Twitter continued to create content inspired by his meme. In an interview, he said that his friend Mudassar was not giving him time, so he posted this out of selfishness.

Asif had recently put it up for auction on an NFT platform called Foundation. It was bought by Andrew King, co-founder of Mechanism Capital, a cryptocurrency investment company, for 20 ethers (a type of cryptocurrency).

At the current value of the ether, the amount in Pakistani currency is about Rs. 84 lakhs (about 52 thousand US dollars). Speaking to the BBC, Asif said that the sale of his viral meme on the internet was “unexpected” for him as well.

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