Tribal woman loves Afghan husband: ‘Marries alleged killer to avenge husband’s death’
Tribal woman loves Afghan husband: ‘Marries alleged killer to avenge husband’s death’

Tribal woman loves Afghan husband: ‘Marries alleged killer to avenge husband’s death’

Women said:

“I decided to avenge the death of my first husband and befriended the killer, then married him and then finally avenged.” The woman, a resident of Bajaur tribal region, was arrested by police and sent to Chakdara Jail after appearing in court.

The accused says she has been trying for three years to avenge her husband’s death and she had a complete plan for it.

Report to police and take action Wilayat Khan, an inspector at the Louisim police station in Inayat Kalay, Bajaur District, told the BBC that it was a difficult case for which he had tried and succeeded.

The accused’s first husband died three years ago, but it is not clear if he was killed or medically dead. She found out on her own and said that her husband was injected with poison by his friend Gulistan.

No case of his death or murder has been registered in the police station. Police said there were no police stations in the area three years ago and no documents have been found that the land was murdered. According to police, two days ago they received information that a man named Gulistan had been shot dead.

Police Inspector Wilayat Khan said that after receiving the information, he had told the police and his sources at a nearby check post that no one could leave the place and he was arriving with his team.

“When we got there, the body was lying on the bed covered in blood, with a bullet in the head and a bullet in the right side of the body,” Wilayat Khan said. The accused was sitting with the deceased. People gathered in large numbers outside and inside the house.

We sidelined people and launched an investigation and obtained evidence on the spot. File photo , Image source GETTY IMAGES , Photo caption The accused’s first husband, Shazmin, was an Afghan refugee Tribal woman loves Afghan Shah Zameen According to the police report, the accused said that her first husband was an Afghan refugee from Kunar province of Afghanistan.

My husband worked in Peshawar. His life was very pleasant. He had a daughter, police said.

“My husband was friends with a man named Gulistan and my husband used to send what he earned from Peshawar to Gulistan so that he could keep it with him and withdraw money from him when needed,” police said, quoting his statement.

Will There was a deep friendship with Gulistan. The accused’s husband came back after some time and told Gulistan that he was not feeling well.

He wanted his money back but Gulistan did not return the money and the money was not there at that time.

According to Wilayat Khan, the accused said in her statement, “Gulistan, instead of giving money to my husband, said that if you are ill, I will bring medicine for you from Inayat Kali Bazaar.

Gulistan brought two injections and some pills. Gulistan Khan gave one injection to the land on the bank of the river and said that the other injection will be given to you later at home and you will be cured by taking these pills.

“After the injection, my husband’s condition worsened and he fell to the ground. The people there took my husband to the hospital and then brought him home dead from the hospital,” the statement added.

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